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Bringing Home a Newborn

Bringing Home a Newborn Posted on October 4, 2018

It is great to welcome a new life into the world but once you leave the hospital, things get real. The nurses aren’t there who seem to have all the answers and the right ways and many parents feel the heat. Luckily, time is all that is needed to adjust to life with a newborn. The tips here are also usable if you want to make newborn care lake oswego easier on everyone in the family.

It all comes naturally once baby is home. Everyone probably keeps telling you that and while it might not seem true, it definitely is. Your parental instincts simply kick in and you know what to do. In no time at all you’ll be able to discern one type of cry from another so if it is time to feed or for a diaper change you will know.

Be sure to call on the help of family and friends when you bring baby home. Those who have experience with babies can be a tremendous help to you even if some of their advice is unwelcomed. Trust that it is all provided to you with the best of intentions. Besides you don’t have to listen or take any advice that you don’t want but certainly can benefit from the help.

Learn lullabies and sing to baby. The noise lulls them to sleep so often. Skin contact is also important as it has a way to let baby know that you are close and that is so comforting to them. It is tempting to rock baby to sleep but this is not something that you want to start because baby will come to expect it. Falling asleep in mom or dad’s arms is so much better than drifting off alone!

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Relax and breathe and simply provide your baby with all of the love and care that you have to give. This parenting stuff will come easily even if it does take a little adjustment period.